Jack Baty

Hello, I’m Jack Baty.

I’m a partner at Fusionary Media, a terrific digital studio in Grand Rapids, MI (Est. 1995). If your company needs something built for the web or mobile devices you should send us a note.

Mostly, I blog at Baty.blog ✒️

You can email me at jack@baty.net ✉️

If you use ProtonMail account and prefer a more secure method: jbaty@protonmail.com ✉️

I have a few other interests:

Photography. I call it “photography” but it’s more like “camera collecting.” I shoot both film and digital and upload to Flickr 📷

Analog things. Digital is where we are, but I still enjoy using things like film cameras, vinyl records, manual typewriters, notebooks and fancy pens and pencils.

I also keep a “Now” page ⏱ with a list of more specific current interests and projects.

Do not expect consistency.

Places you can find me online

My weblogs and other publishing experiments


  • Flickr - I’ve been posting photos to Flickr since forever. Flickr is still the best photo sharing service, even though it’s fallen out of favor in recent years.