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I’m Jack Baty. This is my website.

You can find me…

…blogging at Rudimentarylathe.org

…photo blogging at Copingmechanism.com

…taking public notes in TiddlyWiki at Rudimentarylathe.wiki

…posting photos on Flickr and Instagram

…and here’s what I’m doing /now

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A bit of history

Where I've been and what I've been doing.


Director of Unspecified Services

· West Michigan

Available. Up for just about anything.

Apr 2021
Mar 2021


· Grand Rapids, MI

Fusionary Media

Helped transition and sustain Fusionary after the sale.

May 2020
May 2020


· Grand Rapids, MI

Fusionary Media

Web developer, project manager, and partner at a digital studio for 25 years

Dec 1995
Nov 1995


· Grand Rapids, MI

Ground Zero Software

Freelance Programmer, Database developer, small business owner

Jan 1993


· Grand Rapids, MI

Jul 1964

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