Early prototype, expect instability

Disenchanted on the [evolution

of stupidity]1:

“Michael Shermer once posed the question “why do smart people believe

stupid things?” and answered it by saying that intelligent people are

very good at defending positions they arrived at by nonsmart means.

Everybody comes to hold opinions from some means other than logical

deduction, but then intelligent people can fall into a trap called the

confirmation biasD, where we leap on anything that justifies our

beliefs, but ignore or rationalize-away anything that contradicts

them. So the smarter you are, the better you are at self denial."

And this…

“We could conclude that modern human intelligence is an unfinished

product, and something that nature hasn’t quite got around to

polishing yet. The problem-solving intelligence part can be tuned and

revved up to high levels, but it becomes unstable like early

supersonic jet prototypes that shook themselves to pieces just after

reaching the sound barrier. Nature has outstripped itself, producing a

freak organism with a feature that’s obscenely over-developed but