Knoppix is

a very complete Linux distribution which runs entirely from a CD. It

does a great job of detecting hardware and comes configured to run

KDE. Just put in the CD, reboot and you’re running Linux with all

sorts of software to play with. It never touches your hard drive, so

when you’re finished, just remove the CD, reboot and you’re back to

using boring old Windows.  But did you know you can also install it

directly from the CD to your hard drive? I was trying to install

Debian 3 on an older PC at my house and it was having trouble running

KDE and the sound card wouldn’t work. With nothing to lose, I popped

in Knoppix 3.2, typed /usr/bin/kpx-hdinstall and followed the

instructions. In no time I just rebooted into a working Debian Linux

system. It detected all of my hardware just fine. Nice.