My reading list

And speaking of To Do lists, I’ve got that list of books listed over

there and the reason it hasn’t changed isn’t because I’m too lazy to

update it. The reason it hasn’t changed is not reading. So, I’m

going to prune that list soon also.

I’ve gotten everything I’m going to out of Master and Margarita. I’m

about 3/4 through it and it’s very good, but I’m not feeling compelled

to finish it.

Gravity’s Rainbow is fabulous – I bet. Fact is I’m completely lost

reading it. By the time I have time to read I’m typically pretty

tired, so books like this just turn to gibberish. Maybe some day.

Satan Says: Very nice poetry about not very nice things. It’s

depressing, so it’s gone.

Kavalier is hanging in there, but it’s slow going.

I have a list of new books to buy, but maybe I should hold off just a

bit longer.