Slewpop Reboot

It’s no suprise to anyone that I love RSS Aggregators. One of

the reasons is that some weblogs are only posted to rarely, and it’s

not easy remembering to check in and find out when something has been

updated. Such is the case with Steve’s Slewpop.  His most recent

entry is simply a note that says he’s “rebooting” slewpop and bringing

it back more focused, although he doesn’t say on what he intends to

focus. While a great idea, especially if you know Steve, it made me

think about weblogs and focus in general.  Do blogs need focus? I’d

like to think that they don’t – they only need to be interesting. This

is assuming that the blogger gives a shit about his readers. Many

don’t, and that’s okay too. I read some blogs that are all over the

map. But they’re fun to read. Others are focused and I learn quite a

lot because of it. Some are both.

It boils down to voice. If people like your voice, they’ll ready you. If

not, they’ll find something else to read. Personally, I love it that

some folks enjoy reading this weblog, but if others don’t, so be it.  I

hope Steve finds his voice.