Tim Bray, once again worth the read

“People, on average and in the long term, aren‘t stupid and aren‘t patient and aren‘t cowards. When there‘s an obviously better way to get the job done, they go out and get it, and management can‘t stop them, and Forrester and Gartner can‘t stop them, and Accenture and EDS can‘t stop them, and not even Microsoft can stop them.”

He’s talking about many things, but the relevant example is in the browser space…

“Explorer, writes Peter-Paul Koch at evolt.org, cannot support today’s technology, or even yesterday’s, because of the limitations of its code engine. So it moves towards the position Netscape 4 once held: the most serious liability in Web design and a prospective loser.”

He goes on to advocate a grass-roots effort to push Mozilla in front of enough of the right people. Count me in.