I had no idea what I was cracking open when I started listening to Ryan’s shared iTunes library.  Scroll down past Beck and Black Sabbath and other stuff I’ve heard of and finally just select something at random, click Play and….

Jeeez! What the hell is that noise!!?

But wait…as I was lunging for the Stop button I heard something. Right in the middle of that noise was something interesting. Something that was exactly like what music isn’t. There were sounds and clamor and haunting voices and some actual melody.

The band was Deerhoof. Never heard of them, but kept listening. While listening I was thinking of ways to describe it.

This is music an insane 7-year-old hears in her head. It sounds like it could be played on a very old record player in hell’s day care center.

I’m listening to Walt Disney on acid. It’s a posessed music box.

I furrowed my brow and grinned stupidly – at the same time. It’s interesting and completely different than anything I’ve ever heard.

I like it.