Documentary Run

I’ve been watching an odd assortment of documentary or near-documentary films lately. For those interested, here’s a summary.

Touching the Void *****

Story of two mountain climbers' nightmare while climbing the Siula Grande mountain in the Peruvian Andes. One of them breaks his leg and from then on it’s pinned-to-your-seat dramatization coupled with interviews with the climbers.

Step into Liquid

Breathtaking photography of surfers and surfing around the world.

Capturing the Friedmans *****

Arnold Friedman, normal guy with a normal family, is accused of being a child pornographer. The movie documents he and his family’s decline and disintegration in the following months and years.

The Weather Underground **

Story of the Weatherman, a radical group of anti-war protesters formed during the 60s.

My Voyage to Italy ****

Martin Scorcese spends a few hours talking about his favorite films of Italian cinema. Listening to him causes a contagious affect that makes me want to watch everything he’s talking about.

War Photographer **

Portrait of world-renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey.