Expanding Mr. Camp

How T.M. and I sometimes tend to think alike is beyond me, but it happens. Earlier posts by said Mr. Camp are particularly relevant.

First, the bit about cell phone conversations being annoying.  fucking annoying is how I believe he put it. He, and Mr. Nielsen are spot on about that. A similar observation I made recently is that people on airplanes or in airport terminals tend to talk to each other quietly and only when absolutely necessary. Yet many of these same people will squawk away incessantly on their cell phones about who-cares-what—and loudly. Please note that I hate that.

Also, theology-wise his questions on the Church’s role in the exploration of things were also touched upon in the previously-mentioned D.F.W’s Compact History of Infinity.  W/r/t the fact that Aristotle’s doctrine, that is of infinity as an abstract fiction and the province of God alone, became Church dogma, thereby stifling centuries of mathematical achievements by the Greeks and delaying real progress in that area until nearly the 18th century.

And I’ll assume that the gay vacation link was some sort of snipurl anomaly and leave it at that.