He’s back!

Picked up Zim today after a month of boarder training – essentially doggy boot camp. We spent two hours with the trainer, who trained us how to continue training him.  Pretty amazing what she’s done with him. She walked him through a room full of other dogs and he barely took his eyes off her. She yelled for him to “come!” from across the room and he ran up and sat 1 foot from her – waiting. During a full “heel” he walked next to her, his face never wandering more than six inches from her right hip. He seems excited to do it, too.

We’re only to work with him on sit, down, and walking nice on the leash for now. I took him for a walk when we got home and instead of the usual tug-o-war, he walked calmly and pleasantly beside me. Stopping when I stopped, turning where I turned. Now if I can just manage to keep up with all this.

Oh, and any teeny worries I may have had about whether or not he’d even remember me were quickly silenced by him going absolutely apeshit the moment he saw me.

He seems happy to be home, and we’re very glad to have him back.