Learned today: Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Paraskevidekatriaphobia , in some dictionaries, means an irrational, morbid fear of Friday the 13th.

There seem to be several theories as to its origins (the fear, not the word). Most seem to be based on the combination of the number 13 being seen as a “bad” number, and Fridays being the day with the most religious undertones.

One prevalent theory suggests it started with the decimation of the Knights Templar on Friday October 13, 1307.  Basically, one of the first military orders became too powerful, and France’s King Philip the Fair decided to put an end to their little club – on that particular friday.

Another more popular theory says that Friday the 13th is unlucky because Christ was crucified on a Friday and there were 13 people at the last supper. This is the theory accepted by most people, but I’m guessing that the reason is not that it’s more accurate, but that it’s easier to understand. And we all know that anything Christ-centric tends to catch on quickly.

Speaking of the number 13, my full name, Jack Allen Baty, has exactly 13 letters, which is supposed to give me Devil’s Luck. Is that good or bad do you think? I should ask Tracy.