No Television

It’s been almost 4 months since my Dish went wonky. At first I panicked, worried that some new reality show would pass me by unwatched. Oh wait, I hate reality shows. No big deal then.

It turns out that there’s nothing on or about television that I miss.

  • World Events: CNN, NYT and about 400 weblogs do a pretty good job

  • Local News: Nothing happens here and what does happen is reported by people I seriously dislike listening to.

  • Sports: Not interested. Except for the Olympics. The Olympics page on Wikipedia is keeping up-to-date on that.

  • Entertainment: Well, between my reading list, Netflix queue and the afore-mentioned 400 weblogs I think I’ve got that covered.

  • Culture: You’re kidding, right?

The best thing about television is that it allows you to feel like you’re doing something, while actually doing nothing. Since I’m openly lazy, I don’t need that.