I just now caught up on my RSS feeds after a brief vacation.

And I’m confused, so I’m going to make a few random statements/observations that today feel absolutely right on – sort of. Talk to me again tomorrow and we’ll see where we are.

  1. As bad as web browsers are at being a usable application platform, we’ll be using them for quite a long time to come.

  2. Web site accessibility can be a happy byproduct of standards-compliant design, but very few web developers give a shit.

  3. 90% of a web site’s usability problems can be solved by a small team of experienced developers and a couple hours watching people use it.

  4. The best web sites start with content and/or tools, then design around them. No need for “layout grids.” If you have a Template System™ without any actual content, you’ve done something wrong.

  5. Flash is cool, I just can’t seem to figure out what to do with/about it.

  6. No one cares what you call yourself – Web Developer, Web Designer, Interaction Designer, yada yada yada. Stop worrying about it.

  7. Wikis rock, if only I could get people to actually use one.

  8. My favorite quote comes from someone answering the question, “Why do all CSS websites look the same?” His answer: “I don’t know, why do all books look the same?”