My dad, godluvim, just stopped at my house and took all of the wood parts off my old gas grill. Says he was bored and thought he’d strip and restain them – make it look goodasnew.

This of course coincided with a wave of guilt and regret. Why didn’t I do that? Why is my lawn a mess and when am I going to clean the spare room in the basement? Am I just completely lazy?

I calmed down and looked at what I’ve done so far today.

  • Got up, showered, made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and checked my email.

  • Read all of my RSS feeds

  • Posted a short blog entry

  • Cleaned up my Ruby script which updates our Darcs repositories and synchronizes them to a backup location

  • Wrote rationale and design goals for re-developing our in-house content management system using Rails

  • Began a project template in Circus Ponies Notebook

  • Researched fast, wide prime lens options for my 20D

  • Began work on a script for mirroring our Darcs repositories to Subversion repositories so we can continue using Trac

It’s 1:20 in the afternoon, so no, I don’t think I’m lazy after all. It just looks that way from the real world. I just have a different way of touching things up, is all. Now, about that laundry…