My new MacBook Pro arrived yesterday. This will replace my aging, 2-year old version. It’s a thing of beauty. Whenever I get a new machine, I’m tempted to just run the simple data migration to move everything over, but never do. Instead, I start from scratch. This is a complete pain in the ass, but very much worth the trouble. It just feels so good!

Below is a list of things I installed this time. I’m listing only software, not the geeky bits like Ruby On Rails, MacPorts etc. It took me most of the day yesterday, but I think I’ve got things pretty much how I like them.

  • Launchbar – Without a good launcher, using a Mac feels like working

    with one hand behind my back.

  • Dropbox – Sync made so easy it’s ridiculous.

  • Tinderbox – “The tool for notes” (and nearly everything else.) This is where I live.

  • 1Password – Passwords, forms, card numbers, etc. Beautifully done.

  • Yojimbo – An anything bucket. Simple enough that it actually gets used.

  • BBEdit – Text editing done very well. Yes, better than TextMate.

  • OmniFocus – Task management with enough oomph.

  • AppZapper – I change my mind a lot.

  • Backblaze – Online backup without thinking. Just in case.

  • BusyCal – Because iCal isn’t good enough, and I don’t like web based calendars.

  • Daylite – Gotta put all those contacts and opportunities somewhere.

  • DEVONthink Pro – Anything project related goes here, and I’m guaranteed to find it.

  • Fluid – For running web stuff as their own “apps”.

  • Interarchy – SFTP client. I’ve been using this for years. No reason to change.

  • MarsEdit – Still the best way to consistently post to a number of sites.

  • MindManager – Mindmapping. Expensive, but still the best there is.

  • NetNewsWire – Because even the good web-based readers suck.

  • OmmWriter– Weird, new-agey writing app for distraction-free writing. Surprised by how much I like it.

  • Photo Mechanic – Not used as much now that I don’t shoot digital, but it’s great for pulling photos of cards when I do.

  • QuickCursor – Like the “Edit In…” plugins, without the hacks.

  • Sequel Pro – Best MySQL management GUI available.

  • SizeUp – Move and size windows with the keyboard.

  • Skitch – Almost perfect screen capture.

  • Spirited Away – Automatically hides inactive apps. Fits my minimalist tendencies nicely.

  • SuperDuper – Simple, bootable backups. Saved my ass a number of times.

  • Ulysses – Complete semantic writing environment.

  • WriteRoom – Distraction free writing.

  • Lightroom – Image management and editing. Does everything.

  • Nik Plugins for Lightroom – The Complete Collection. Awesome set of tools for Lightroom.

  • SilverFast Ai Studio – The best scanning results, with the worst UI of any software, anywhere.

  • TextExpander – Wonderful typing utility/accelerator. I’m lost without this.

  • iStat Menus – Very nice system monitors. I use the menu bar calendar instead of the built in version.

  • Mail Act-On – Keyboard email management for

  • Chronosync – Synchronizes all my external drives nicely, automatically, on a schedule.

  • Acorn – It really is “The image editor for humans.” I despise Photoshop, and now I don’t need it.

  • ClickToFlash – Great Safari plug-in which gets Flash under control.