Sometimes too many is just the right amount.I recently bought a Kindle Touch. I didn't need one, as I already have 3 others: a 1st generation Kindle, Kindle 3, and a Kindle Fire. Some of you might consider that to be too many Kindles. Not so! I had specific uses for 3 of them, and today I discovered a use for many more.

The 1st gen is an original, I'd say it's a "First Edition" Kindle, and although it's ugly and outdated, it was signed by Neal Stephenson, whom I admire very much. I stood in line at a reading he did for his book "Anathem" with the (then new) Kindle and a Sharpie. I was the only Kindle person in line. I have no way of knowing how often he'd been asked to sign a Kindle, but he casually took it, asked "Front or Back?" and signed in without comment. There is no way I'm selling that one.

The Kindle 3 has been my daily reader for a long time, and it works just fine. My only complaint is that since I never used the keyboard, it seemed a waste of space to have one. Another drawback is that I know the Kindle Touch exists.

I bought a Kindle Fire thinking it would be great for reading and watching the occasional movie. As it turns out, I just don't enjoy reading long texts on a backlit screen. After a couple of hours my eyes burn and a headache follows. It's now primarily an Amazon Video watching device. Works great for that.

The Kindle Touch was not necessary at all, but since I've been reading quite a lot lately, I picked one up anyway. Good move. I was worried that the touch screen would either smudge or I'd turn pages accidentally or it would be awkward to hold. None of these happened. It's lighter than the Kindle 3 and the unnecessary physical keyboard is gone. I love it.

I was talking with a couple other Kindle owners, who suggested that I could lend out my "extra" Kindle(s). What a great idea! Instead of lending a book to someone, I can lend them my entire library! Indeed, the number of people I can lend to simultaneously is limited to one or two, but how great is it that one or two friends can read, skim, sample, or ignore every Kindle book I own? The frightening thing is that now I want to buy more Kindles just so that I can lend them out and share all of my favorite books at once. In fact, I wonder how low the price will go on new Kindles. Right now, at $79 it's not far away from the price of a few decent hardcovers just a few years ago.

To help my friends decide if I have a book they might be interested in, I've tagged all of my Kindle books on Goodreads. They're here at

Until Amazon and the publishers make it easier to lend Kindle books, this may have to do. And I no longer have too many Kindles.