OneNote Mac

People who like OneNote seem to really like OneNote. I’ve always been a bit envious because I don’t own a Windows machine and I’m not likely to run Windows in a virtual machine like Parallels just for a single app.

When OneNote for Mac was announced I installed it immediately. I also liked it immediately. As an on-and-off Evernote user I found OneNote to be nicer to use in almost every way. There are Notebooks, Sections, and Pages, just like my real notebooks. I appreciate that, as opposed to Stacks or whatever in Evernote. I love the way I can just click anywhere on a page and take a note right there. It’s a little like Curio in that respect, without all of the extras that overwhelm me in Curio. Linking between pages and paragraphs is handy, too.

The problem of course is that Evernote does much more than this initial release of OneNote. I mean, I can’t even attach a PDF to a OneNote page. Can’t print or export yet either. That’s just crazy, but for simply taking and organizing notes, OneNote still wins for me. I like using OneNote for basic note-taking so much that I am ignoring all of the things it doesn’t yet do. I hope Microsoft goes all-in on the Mac version, because I’m already hooked.