Please Don’t Buy a Digital SLR — The Brooks Review

You see, for the normal person, owning a dSLR will not yield a better picture. It is far more likely that you will get worse picture with a dSLR than with your iPhone. I know that many of you who didn’t heed my advice to not read this, are now thinking I am nuts.

Yep, I think he’s nuts. How is it “far more likely” that someone will get a worse picture?

Pick up any decent dSLR today and out of the box it will just work as long as you know how to turn it on and push the shutter button. Compared to your iPhone it will start up faster, focus much faster in any lighting condition, and your photos won’t look like shit in anything but broad daylight.

One doesn’t need to know the first thing about aperture, shutter speeds, or ISO to successfully use a modern SLR on day one and make better photos in the process. I get Ben’s point, but I don’t think he gives either “normal” people or their cameras enough credit.