I would like to edit photos on my iPad more often. I’d be interested in using Lightroom CC on iOS and macOS to do it, but I switched from Lightroom Classic CC to Capture One Pro a while ago on the desktop and am very happy with C1. Even if I were still using Lightroom Classic CC, I’m not sure I’d be ready to switch.

Lightroom CC continues to improve, though. I’ve been keeping a list of pros and cons and will be watching for a tipping point that would make it feasible for me to switch.

Ligthroom CC Pros - Pleasant to use - Syncs everything automatically - Looks and works (mostly) the same on all platforms - People/Faces (Sensei) - Easy web gallery sharing (to Adobe’s site) - This is where Adobe is headed

Lightroom CC Cons - Scrolling performance is poor, even on a brand new 27” iMac with 32GB of RAM - No “show in finder” even though it knows I’ve opted to keep local copies - No watermark on export (text-only on mobile) - Limited sharing and export options - A lifetime dependency on an Adobe subscription. - No color labels - Cannot rename files - Limited Exif display - No Smart Collections - No side-by-side comparison - No virtual copies - No third-party plugins - Did I mention the lifetime commitment to paying Adobe’s subscriptions?

C’mon Adobe, make it easier for me.