Review: Hyperion
Worlds apart – All this
On boat to Mackinaw Island
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Katie is 18 years old
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The 2018 Emoji Report – Rands in Repose
The gem Apple discontinued: the 11-inch MacBook Air – Riccardo Mori
TiddlyWiki is changing how I think about writing online
I’ll be sticking with the HHKB
Filling the Silence with Digital Noise – NN/g
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Conceding that I’ve lost the Headline vs. Title battle
Lightroom CC’s annoying blue icons
Found Negatives
Expired Elite Chrome reversal film scans
Magnum’s “The Art of Street Photography”
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The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle
Voicemail transcription
Facebook. Sigh. – Jeff Jarvis
What’s in my bag
Ground Zero Software
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Review: The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist’s Companion for the 21st Century
Review: Hyperion
Review: The Deep Whatsis
Book: Apex
Book: Turn the Ship Around!
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The Coen brothers about Netflix – LA Times
🎵 Rediscovering the joy of the album – Rian’s B-sides
The Red Trailer Mystery
Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
New Music: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
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Good vs. Better at Bad
Working with AWS · Vicki Boykis
Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents | The New Yorker
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The Freewrite is not my type –
Leica M-P
How Fountain Pens are Made
Hasselblad CFV-50c
Replacing my Olympus Stylus Epic
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The notebook situation so far in 2019
The Moleskine Artist
Ephemera – Andrew Kurjata
Found Negatives
Typewriter Cartography | somethingaboutmaps
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Ulysses 2.6 and WordPress
Which is better, iOS or macOS?
The Temptation of Other Tools
A new site
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2016 Roll-026-32 Captain Sundae
Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 AI-s
Andrew at Harmony Hall
Waited for the bus
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The Unfinished: The New Yorker on DFW
The Pale King
Nascar Cancels Season Following David Foster Wallace's Death
Found Quote
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