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Screen addiction (or why Grandma's sad) – Kottke
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Reddit’s Terrorists Have Won – The Daily Beast
.@Twitter. Who Do You Think You Are? –
Everything You Laugh At Is Built On Sadness – The Awl
Judicious Use of Shitty Code – Jared Sinclair
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Don’t Touch That Dial — Medium
I hate iTunes. And I think Apple does, too – Quartz
Retired the Extended Keyboard II for now
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Mary Ellen Mark
The Online Photographer: Camera Stores and Unicorns
The Most Photographed Generation Will Have No Pictures in 10 Years
The latest New Flickr might be the one that I needed
ConnectedText via Parallels vs Crossover
First attempt using New55's R3 Monobath Developer
A Primer on Fountain Pens | The Art of Manliness
Around the yard with the OM-2n
Interview with Brunello Cucinelli, King of Cashmere
Outlining with Tinderbox 6
Hypertext: Kindle issues, years on
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A Random Dream
Vinyl isn't the future of music. This chart proves it
How I might be able to use Apple's new Photos app
Ron and the "hot rod"
Why Standing Doesn't Work
A briefcase containing the chronicles of an affair between a man and his secretary
An Open Letter to Tesla, From Your Friendly Local Car Dealers
Book: The Best Interface is No Interface
A quick walk with the Leica IIIf
On blogs – Matt Gemmell
I prefer the imperfect
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Good Omens
Switching to Smaller iPhones
Early notes about ConnectedText
The Apple Watch Edition’s Upgrade Dilemma
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The Left Hand of Darkness
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My thoughts on the Jonathan Ive piece in The New Yorker
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My new microwave has only one button
Elon Musk
I hate selling stuff
The Kodak Pakon F-135 Plus Scanner
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Selling the Canons
Some of the Terminal Apps I've been using
Hobonichi Again In 2015
My Hugo Experiment
Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club's "One Day" contests
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Clipper for tmux and the OS X clipboard
Leica Summicron on Fuji XT-1
Audiobooks: Listening vs. Reading
Taking back the music
The back of a Leica M3
Cassette case as iPhone stand
I bought a book on Twitter
Fixing my digital music collection using Beets
Photo: Aug 1954
My reading list as a text file
Cole Rise on memory loss due to taking photos
Real Life Tools
Mean People Fail – Paul Graham
FSF Giving Guide 2014
Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition is $2,300 off
The Secret About Rangefinder Cameras
Book: Shift
Book: Wool
Ursula Le Guin at the National Book Awards
Extreme Journaling
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Leeloo's Legs A Voyage to 2009
Fresh Mac Installs – November 2014
Preparing for a new iMac
Evernote keeps sucking me back in
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My own at
Zim vom Schafer see (2003-2014) – A good boy
The dangerous gap between those who make software, and those who use it
The Polaroid Museum
Skilcraft U.S. Government pens
Crystal points out my flaws
Yet another Kindle
Babe I already left you, but I could come back
Leica M60 – Khoi Vinh
The Song of the Introvert – Rands
Casting a wider social net
Deciding which new phone I want
The Bullet Journal Kickstarter
The Apple Store Experience
Re-evaluating Fargo
Without a Keyboard
Neck Romancer
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Nah, I Wasn't Evolved for It.
Book: Plastic Free
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Mailing a letter
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Katie, the One-Eyed Wonder Dog
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Technology Failures this Weekend
How Everything We Tell Ourselves About How Busy We Are Is A Lie
Waffle on Social Media
Inside The World’s Biggest Vinyl Record Factory
A pile of unread books
Book: To Rise Again at a Decent Hour
The terrifying true story of the garbage that could kill the whole human race
The Blog as a Place of Record
Cross Posting by Default
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VimR – Vim Refined
Useless Meetings
Blogo 2 first impression
Large Format Photography
Book: From Fragile to Agile
The Internet is run by children
Good News is Good
Read a book instead
Stick-on knobs let iPad DJs mix with physical dials
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Olympia SM9
Lotus Agenda
Writing Stuff on Index Cards
The 9 Circles of Deployment Hell
Nothing's That Simple
Nostalgia and Newspapers
Launchbar 6
How to Get the Length of a String in Swift
Done With To-Do Lists
Silicon Valley
Doug Engelbart 1968
The Old Frontier
All Text, all the time?
Omit Needless Words
Starting over at – again
RegEx Renamer for Alfred
Evernote and Alfred
No New Tools?
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Vivian Maier Film (Spool)
Personal Kanban
Day One to Tinderbox
OneNote Mac
Making it easier feels like zagging
The Wisdom of the Enneagram
Why Photography Matters
Book: Influx
Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Book: Ella Minnow Pea
Book: Doctor Sleep
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You'll need a nice pen
State of the System, 2014
Slow going this year, film-wise
Paper system for 2014
Too many blogs, too few ideas
Changes at Small Picture
D'ya ever get tired of blogging?
I have all the cameras
Saul Leiter
Some things never change
Leica IIIf shutter capping
Fitbit again
A Tree Falling in a Forest
Walking around with the M3
Now, about that 35mm film…
Book: The Dog Stars
Book: Odds Against Tomorrow
Book: The Creative Habit
Is that a pencil?!
Book: Crux
Well now I want a new camera
Hold up a sec
Using Flash
(Very) Humble Beginnings
Book: The Gunslinger (The Dark Tower, Book 1)
Book: The Sugar Frosted Nutsack
Book: How to Sharpen Pencils
Print sizes
Fresh Mac Install 2013
Stocking Up
My life with large format photography so far
Book: The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Easier publishing of my Tinderbox blog
Large Format Color
Steve and Bryan
Printing practice
Book: Joyland
My Dad on Ladder
Peters Camera Repair
Practicing my over-processing
Delayed gratification shooting film
Combining blogs
Keep the Nikons or the Canons?
First shot from the Canon AE-1 Program
Canon AE-1 Program as Nostalgia
Crystal's Birthday with the Dogs
My Artist Statement
Large Format Practice
Digital Ocean
Mixing things up
Book: How Artists Work
Book: Forty Tales from the Afterlives
Why I keep making photos of my dogs
A Studio in my Garage
Going a little bigger with 4×5
Book: How to Archer
Google Glass
Book: Sirens of Titan
Kids these days
Book: Arguably, Essays by Christopher Hitchens
Book: Kurt Vonnegut – Letters
The Commonplace Book
Rowland S. Howard
Too Simple
Using Tinderbox to publish LaTeX documents
Book: If On a Winter's Night a Traveler
Digital Recordkeeping
Book: More Baths Less Talking
Blogging with Tinderbox
I just want a simple blog
Processing my own color film
Book: The Handmaid's Tale
I Get Bored
Book: Tenth of December
Things I learned in 2012
Book: Daytripper
Book: Nexus
Leica 35mm Summarit-M Incoming
Swans – The Seer
Sewing Pants
Fresh Mac Installs – 2012
Why I'm Writing on the iPad
Daniel Milnor on Darkroom Printing
Deciding Between the Old and the New
2012 Photo Album
Too Analog?
A Photograph of a Shoe
Edward Weston: Life Work
Software Comfort Food
Birds Hanging – Midair
Shit Photojournalists Like | In Your Bag
Replacing my Olympus Stylus Epic
The Online Photographer: I Had Better 'Fess Up
Leica IIIf
Mamiya 6
Manual Exposure with the Hasselblad
Maine with the M7 and X100
Twitter Stole Our Ideas
At The Olympia
Missing Digital
My New Olympia SM-3 Typewriter
Tinderbox as a Minimalist Writing Environment
Cutting Negatives
Zim with the Hasselblad
Leica M7
Cameras for Sale
At the record store
Zim at 90mm
Things I Like Right Now
Leica M3
Cameras I need to get out of my system
Leica Elmar 9cm f/4
Girl in Hat
Reading the Newspaper
The Filofax Experiment
And Speaking of New Things
The Filofax Experiment
Vents and Cigarettes
Beer List
Do I Have Too Many Kindles?
A Summary of My Weekend So Far
Facetime With Jessica
Road Rage
What If They Find the Bodies
The Storm of '78 and an Alien Invasion
Sex and Pancakes
Needle and a Sheet
My First Broken Bone
Killing Things
How I Got My Ass Kicked for the First Time
Golden Delicious
First Flight
Duck Tease
Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me
Booby Trap
Surprised by Tinderbox Again
Color Film Photography Isn't Worth The Trouble
Pivotal Tracker's new JIRA integration features
This and That
My newest new system – Text files, Notational Velocity, and SimpleText
Favorite Movies of 2009
Jess gets published
Inbox NULL
Look everyone, what a dumb-ass!
In a Dark Room
Why Rory Marinich is not a photographer
Together Forever
Life in the Time of Virtual Photography
Wadman on Frank and The Americans
The Self-Manufacture of Megan Fox –
The precultural paradigm of expression in the works of Pynchon
Always Carrying a Camera
Autumn Leaves are Falling – In defense of ebook readers
McSweeney': It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**kers.
Lightroom Tip – Solo Mode
The world's deepest bin –
Rules for Contrarians: 1. Don’t whine. That is all — Crooked Timber
Dirty Little Secret of Success – Jeffrey Zeldman
David Alan Harvey on Launching a Photo-j Magazine
Why Vincent Laforet's "Paradigm Shift" Isn't One – A Picture's Worth
Fixing "Copy Address" in Mail on 10.6 is mighty simple
The Online Photographer: GF1 Madness
WordPress vs Static
Don't review what you haven't used
Viewfinders – Olympus OM-1n vs Panasonic GF1
The Great Purge
Mark Bernstein: Details Details
Things I can cross off my list
Olympus OM-1n
Double Dare: A Month Without Photoshop
Lessons from an Informal Family Portrait
Getting over Ken Rockwell
My 30 Day Social Media Fast
Another Photography Workflow
Thumbs Up grip for the Leica M8
Things I didn't install on my new Mac
Dolphin playing with Bubble Rings
Super Cool
I Think You'll Like It
Safari and Innovation
I need some new friends
Trying the Zeiss Biogon 35mm
Todo.txt CLI Manages Your Tasks from the Command Line
Twitter Groups
Light-tight box my Ass!
Give Up and Use Tables
Tri-X in D-76 1:1 for 9 minutes
Everybody Hurts
Hitler Rants about Nikon D3x
Max Payne (ful)
Wim Wenders on Leica
More Olympus Stylus Epic
I Shoot Film
Polaroid – Gone in an instant
Book: Duma Key
Posting from Posterous
Resolving to Read
WordPress 2.7
MacBook Air, Round 2
Another Flight
First Flight
Chinese Democracy
And Speaking of Turkeys, Mrs. Palin
Louis CK: Everything's Amazing, Nobody's Happy
A Photography Workflow
A little thing about Tinderbox updates
A few dog photos
Notational Velocity
Feed Reset
I'm a Nikon Guy!
Yammering with Tinderbox
Nascar Cancels Season Following David Foster Wallace's Death
Review: The Band's Visit
Review: Rogue
David Foster Wallace Dies
TweetDeck and TwitScoop
The prescient politics of The Big Lebowski
New technology once again used for evil
Jon Stewart on the gender card
Dell Mini
Ebert asks himself the question.
Get the ball!
A String of Bad Movies
Tiny Houses
On Not Being a Programmer
Tinderbox 4.5.
Connect360 and the XBox
I've waffled back to WordPress
Yes Doctor, it's an iphone
WordPress and the iPhone
Comments are out, Friendfeed is in
Tinderbox as a Daybook
I love you Twitter, but I have to leave you
In Bruges
First things I install on a new computer
MacBook Air
Almost Emacs
The Case for Cocktails
Zed on everything
Save Rachel Ray
Dr. Jones
Review: The Dip
I’m Going To Scale My Foot Up Your Ass – Ted Dziuba
We don’t have time?
Rands In Repose: Saving Seconds
5 Things You Should Not Twitter
Every URL is a Latent Community
How to work an 8-hour day | Philosophical Geek
Urgency is poisonous
The Thing About Git
Strange Maps: An Absolut Mexico
The Mike Wallace Interview
Gruber: Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3
Kubrick on 2001
Giving another shot
Sean Reid: Yes It Matters
Socialthing! vs FriendFeed. I’m going with Socialthing!
Subversion for Designers
About This Mac
Twitter in Plain English
Busy vs. Productive
DHH on Stale Code
Your Camera
Movie: Death at a Funeral
Michael Pollan: Don’t Eat Anything That Doesn’t Rot
Movie: The Darjeeling Limited
Movie: The Assassination of Jesse James
John Cleese’s Letter to America
The King of Kong
Point and Shoot Beauty
When Should You Keep Your Ideas to Yourself?
Strobist Intro
Git is the new Unix
World’s silliest “toolbar”
Wikis in Plain English
The Data So Far
“Piglets”, Lightroom Plugin Extensions
Feltron Eight 2007 Annual Report
Airfoil 3
Guardian judges Kindle – misses
Shoot ‘Em Up
Tell me what you really really want
Jack’s Best of 2007
Club Thievey
What the hell is this, then?
Great Olan Mills Photos
Twhirl, Twitterrific and Adobe Air
Netscape 1.1n
Coping Mechanism
Notes on the Kindle after a few days of use
Design: Handy bookmarklet for your browser
End of an Era
Leica Lust Revisited
Why I use Tinderbox. Reason #46
Rescue Dawn ***
Soda Club
Why I love Fusionary: Reason #435
AeroPress: Best Coffee Maker Ever
Meet the new blog. Same as the old blog
Export from Lightroom to Zenfolio
White Balance Follies
Jira and Confluence and Trust
Kindle me!
Maybe not so DUM
Hey 19
Congratulations Josh
smart car
Git the hell outta here
Songs with colors
Blender Poll 2008
Tumblr 3.0
Ruby stuff in Leopard
Gmail gets IMAP!
Do one thing first
MIT Courses for free. 1700+ of them.
And for Christmas? This…
Leica Prototype on eBay
Not the software company that we are
Gruber defends Apple – and should.
Top 7 Reasons I’m an Apple Fanboy
Awful Adobe Max scheduler dialog
Useless Feature #275
Amazon MP3
Rails and Java and Erlang. Erlang?
Facebook is boring
Scoble thinks it’s the camera
Concierge for Safari
Leica Lust
PaulStamatiou: Why Private Messages Suck
Nielsen is mostly right about tabs
Too Simple
T.M. Finishes
Work hard, but be smart about it.
Reborn Apple Extended Keyboard
Let’s pull Facebook apps until they’re useful
bloggin’ With the iPhone
What is it with these people and pricing?
Mr. Jobs can keep my $599
Google Reader suddenly counts higher than 100+
Don’t use relative time in comment posts
An interesting email readability issue
Twitter Rules
Get Clicky
Comcast throttles Bittorrent
Seth Godin: Labor Day
Why I post the same stuff you do
Steven Poole dumps Word
Told you I was cool
No laptops in meeting? Okay, but then I’m not going.
First Life
Tinderbox 4: Brief Review
Yahoo Mail Beta
XRAY :: for web developers
Iain Levison on the unfairness of drunk driving laws
Mark Cuban is right, the internet is Dead and Boring
More keyboard, less crumbs
MyBook out, Drobo In
Mighty [sic] Mouse
CNET tests VMWare Fusion and Parallels. Suspicions Confirmed.
OpenID not ready?
A Cleaner Desk
From Quicksilver to LaunchBar
Kinkless Desktop
Ingmar Bergman
Am I a blogger?
Jack-ness defined?
Go ahead and top-post. I don’t mind.
Nielsen who?
The AIR installer scares the crap outta me
Pownce vs. ???
The flashier foe
Now weight just a darn minute!
Mid-life Crisis Approaching – Gonna be a rock star.
HTML Email: Still a Little Evil
A good Scotch
No more damn NYT double-click dictionary!
Apollo’s real value
Corpus Obscurum
37signals gets one wrong
Running the numbers
iStat Nano
8 pounds in 8 weeks
Journler Test
Okay *now* what?
Twitter Updates for 2007-04-14
Still Twittering and Tumbling
Apple Keychain Fix
Airport Extreme
The Uptake of Flex
Tech Notes for today mod_ssl and mod_deflate
Seth on inventing a new cell phone
The Tinderbox Dilemma
Best Smile
Joanna Newsom: Ys
Kiko aftermath
It’s unmaintainable
Do you need a Boss?
Getting ink done
Ricoh GR Digital
43Folders: Getting things done – again
MacBook Pro modifier keys directory colors
For the sake of art
Dr. Katz
Private: Another unfinished book
Apple and Nintendo win at RailsConf
Opening Keynote with Dave Thomas
Live from RailsConf
Angelina Jolie is for real. Told you!
Rails Day 2006 in Progress
Sarah Silverman-Baty
Good Rants
Infinite Plastic
Mindmanager 6 Mac
Blogging from TextMate
Creating .dmg files in OS X
Parallels sure is handy
And speaking of video games…
Private: Merlin on DevonTHINK
Parallels on MacBook Pro
Rails Day 2006
Marshmallow talking to Campfire
What was the question?
The Queen
Mozart rocks
Visual Diff on OS X
The other Flickr(s)
Night of the Hunter
Wanna come over and play with my Wii Wii?
A little help from my friends
Happy Birthday Zim
Web 2.0 companies
The Basecamp API apps have begun
Are Women Human?
Fun with Photo Booth
Where do I put this?
The Darwin Fish
Headless Rails
When I die
Rails 1.1 – the little things
Kinkless 0.83
Basecamp API
The Squid and the Whale
Good night, and Good Luck
Malcom Gladwell on S.U.V. safety (or lack thereof)
A couple of platform issues with rsync
The #1 reason to NOT see Brokeback Mountain
Done with Violence
Paper Timesheets
Stopping Time
Sistercat reborn
Code is the easy part
Jeremy has left the building
Railsmachine and Switchtower
Why Features Don’t Matter
Malcom Gladwell has a blog
Apple today
Quantum states, Salad, Steak, and Sleeping Puppies
If Microsoft designed the iPod packaging
Panasonic + Olympus + Leica
Rails TextHelpers
I don’t want to have to do this living
My dog is smarter than me
ADDY’ing things up
It’s a conspiracy
More new web apps I like
Programmers and Trauma Surgeons
The Clueless Manifesto
Best Textmate plugin ever
Lightroom crop tool is freaking me out.
Godin: The Reason
Google buys MeasureMap
Mohammed Cartoon Madness And Understanding
Winnie Cooper, Math Genius?
The future of IM clients?
Frank’s Wild Years
Recent Reads
Pope gets it wrong
Service Scrubber
The Cool Art of Planet Hunting
Tom Waits
Too much stuff
What pit bulls can teach us about profiling
100 best first lines from novels
IntelliTXT isn’t
Stand Up
Quit complaining about your job
OS X Permissions
And speaking of Brad Pitt…
The Worst Word in the Language
Bubble – Day and Date Release
The BEAST: 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005
Rails, backtraces and Textmate
3QD: On the moral degeneracy that is the Lottery
David’s friend Goliath
Penn Jillette podcast
You Might be a Generation X-er if
Honda sound effects ad
The long-awaited Delete button
Edit in Textmate
Lindsay Lohan’s unchanging face
Flickr Sets
About Me
High speed photos of Atomic bomb blast
Lets just leapfrog the 5D
Design Anarchy that Works
Broken Flowers
Mona Lisa Phone Home
Blogging advice: Bitching Adds Zero Value
The Bubble Project
Meet Leeloo
The Image Culture
3 Quarks Daily
13 things that do not make sense
The Island
And so this is Christmas
The Ragged (typographical) Edge
In Dover, reality considered okay
Getting it Right: Why failed
Lovely Buttocks
Adium love from Eric Meyer
Bye-bye IE Mac
Lego my Escher
See for details
Pandora Widget
Jessica’s First Crash
Welcome, brought to you by ExpressionEngine
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
Typo Garden invaded by Google ads
Aardvark for Firefox
A good time to be Ruby
Nielsen: Why Ajax Sucks (Most of the Time)
DHH: Don’t Scale
There is no such thing as a “minor” change
Tomorrow May Never Come
Career Change?
The folly of airline security
Another Rails rewrite
Noguchi Filing System
George Dyson on Google Library
The little ay-tee-and-tee
Aperture stopped down to Zero
GTD on 43Folders – again
The benefits of procrastination
Bowling Shoes
Get a better rant (or my rant on ranting)
Winer: We make shitty software
Rails sort_helper
Everyone knows that
Ozzy Writing Musical
Saudi Arabia on American Dad
VIM syntax coloring
Productivity software roundup
Microsoft Rocks
Napster ads get “interesting”
A Chatter? Not?
Google Analytics vs Mint
Okay, I give up
Pirillo is kindofawuss
No more posts here
Ambient Executive Dashboard
Meet the Life Hackers
Apple, iPods and why the guy from Slate is wrong
Elliot Erwitt, we have a problem!
It’s true, good underwear makes you happy
DHH: Take it slow if you need it fast
Remixing movie trailers
Stylesheet Maintainability
Feed is now burned
The Quality of the Mundane
More Hipster PDA fun
Gmail Notifier + Growl
Brushed Metal Anthropomorphized
iTunes 5.0
Number 1 in the hood, g
The Joy of Vinyl
Rails and the Tipping Point
Tim Bray’s Shiny Red Rock
That new-fangled turntable
Ryan Tomayko: Choosing the Platform
Gmail “from:” header
Humm this
It’s just a knife holder
Rails eating Java?
Start on your first Million at age 16
Photo Fakery
Touching things up
Urgent vs. Important
Are you a Pastafarian?
Circus Ponies Notebook
Roger Ebert hated Tommy Boy
Menu Master
Kung Fu Hustle
Kung Fu Framework
Once-a-month cooking
In a dress
Oblique Strategies Widget
Organic Lawn Care for the Cheap and Lazy
Seven Blunders of the World
Typo 2.5
Another case of hell freezing over
My God. It’s full of links!
Mary’s Violet Eyes…
Google Maps – Hybrid view
GMail keyboard shortcuts
I want to own a movie theater
Google Moon
Font Hunt
Django – just a little too late
Hot or Not
A donkey named Balthazar
Google Master Plan
Mind Mapping
Hitting one bullet with another bullet
Headlight Font
Flickr Badge
Podcasting with iTunes
For when I snap
Relinquishing Control
Web 2.0? Maybe
Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town
Learn to say “No”
Snoop and Zeppelin Mashup
Slashdot +5 Funny
Wyrd, not strange
Half Life 2 Domino Effect
Avoiding the hard problems
Rapid afterimage (optical illusion)
The Monster Engine
I love old school stuff
And speaking of whining
Nancy, uh, Grace
Intelligent Design unstuck
They don’t call it Good Experience for nothing
No more film
Okay fine, it’s “Jif”
First solo
What the hell’s a Sith?
Ajax was invented yesterday, by me
Flickr photo pages switched to Ajax (from Flash)
Michael Bierut On (Design) Bullshit
Typo running lighttpd and fastcgi
A world without Google
Tag this
Typo 2.0
TV Noise – I mean “News”
Watching TV makes you smarter
Tripping over trackbacks
Resource altering GETs
A request re: CSS Effects
Adobe to Flash: “So what?”
Too many browsers
How to Cut
The things I don’t know
What time is it?
GoogleMaps Satellite View Real-World-Mix
Musings considered harmful
Cuban on the extinction of CDs
April Power Hacks
Pick two – scope, timeframe, or budget
I am now niche
What day is ‘0000-00-00’?
Hog Bay Notebook
The futility of RFPs
Rumors confirmed: Yahoo buys Flickr
Pens, lots of ‘em
Extraordinary Machine
iTube Amps: Hi Fidelity Amplification for the iPod
Apple introduces further iTunes restrictions
Comcast and TiVo Announce Strategic Partnership
Turning the table
Don’t forget SQLite
Another Rails-less day
Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload
Sometimes I think you want me to touch you
How Many Names Hath God?
Dan Benjamin: Regarding Ruby
Baby you can drive my tank
But they’re missing something
New ZZZZ Segway Models!
But it IS and XML feed, and who cares?
Rails as a disruptive technology
Thinking of getting a faster computer
Google now into showtimes
David Foster Wallace interview
More email processing
Email productivity tips
SHA-1 Broken
Chat and Wikis, the future of Groupware
Tattoo We
Macallan, the Rolls Royce of scotch
The RAW Truth
The Filter Flare Factor
Open and honest communication (Signal vs. Noise)
Drag and Drop Shopping
The temptation of Rails
Top 10 Mac Failures
Roku SoundBridge
GTD, Tinderbox, DevonTHINK and others
Rivers and Tides
What’s In A GIF?
Feeling rather small
Ruby on Rails
Re-evaluating Firefox
Books: The Stanley Kubrick Archives
Flickr is having a massage
Dialing down the complexity
Photsets from Flickr in wordpress
And they all became the same
More podcasting nonsense: regarding the iPod Shuffle
Simple is better
It looks funny again
Patching your personal suck
Referrer spamming
Ecto test
The elusive middle click
Digital ICE comparison
My version of the Hipster PDA
OS X and keyboard use
ICE, ICE, Baby!
Radioactive Leica Glass
Trackback Spam
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Mozilla Thunderbird 0.4 released
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Five Pillars for Leading the Client-Focused Organization
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Thinking the same
Used Digital Rebel for sale
Family Guy making a comeback?
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Dave’s True Story
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Lifting the Skirt on Reality TV
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Apache’s doing well it seems
Road Rally 2003
Tim Bray on the Richer Interface
Flash for the future
The Movie Cliches List, part 1
The Aeron Wheelchair
Coding for easier redesigns
Alertbox: Presenting Information About an Organization on Its Website
Large files via email made simple
CSS House
Personas: Setting the Stage for Building Usable Information Sites
Sliding Doors of CSS
Poetry by Proxy
Infinite Noise
iTunes for Windows but not for me.
Tracy needs comments
A Thousand Kisses Deep
Web design practices
More Udell on Rich GUI vs Browser issues
Neither rich nor poor the interface is not better
The Project Management Process
Happy Birthday Mary
Note to self: Keep your mouth shut
CSS Mid Pass Filter
Examining the Role of De Facto Standards on the Web
With a Rebel Yell
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Edit CSS Live in Firebird
Web applications rule the enterprise
Udell: Why Mozilla Matters
Crawl back into your Crib and stop whining
Iron Maiden Days
Wet is as wet does
Better image buttons
Rock and Roll Suprise
Good advice: Don’t do spec work
Sitepoint: Making Rich Web Application Architecture Usable
Movable type permalinks now are
Half-life 2 source code leaked
Nice, uh, hair
Infoworld: die accursed PC
How to make your heart fall out
Doggy shots
MrFlick plays along
Server moved
Camera phones outselling non-camera phones
Geek Eye for the Luddite Guys
Mirror me this
Raymond Camden’s misplaced rant
And for the third time…
Bad Ads
Veen on The Business Value of Web Standards
Skype me
The Smith-Corona manual computer keyboard
ZOE to the rescue… again
Feathered hair
Quote for today
Why is tihs not dicuffit to raed? Is the last straw
Font Browser
The end of plug-ins?
Blogger pro now free
Messaging Areas: The new ‘Skip Intro?’
Tantek on Berners-Lee
iTunes: Facelift for a corrupt industry
Who cares how IKEA comes up with product names?
Random New Media Company Generator
CSS-Discuss Wiki
Absolute and Relative positioning
CSS Listamatic
Fast Rollovers
Doodling youth
How to Reinstall Windows Without Losing Your Data
Blog juice
Things that Rock: ZOE
Mitch is a switcher
I may have found my purse
Pretty Unfair
Speaking of console nuts
Raggle: A console RSS aggregator
Semantics, HTML, XHTML, and Structure
Reviewlet: Dirty Pretty Things
Real Dornfest on Mozilla Firebird and Thunderbird
Liquid Design
Wikis, Grafitti, and Process
Flash MX 2004?
More RSS vs Email rumblings
Ian Lloyd on Web Standards
For those of you unfamiliar with the idea…
Standards and Semantic markup
Ask Edward Tufte
FeedDemon Beta 4
Containing Floats
Nielsen: Usability 101
PHPetal tickets via CVStrac
Hey, that’s how I feel too.
How I became an Open Source Guy
Information Architecture for Designers
Flash Player Detection Techniques
SOBIG.F is everywhere
Inaccessible web site demo
The Myth of Discoverability
Make it Bigger
3-Column CSS w/no hacks
Objective: Parody?
Google’s answer to everything
Jess makes the team!
Anil Dash: Diamonds are for never
More old habits hardly dying
Google calculator
Fish story
For pete’s sake block NetBIOS at the firewall
PHP creeping up within Yahoo
The perfect is the enemy of the good
Umami Design
Switching to Mozilla
Get well Maya
Alertbox: Information Pollution
The most awful smell in the world…
New book on the reading list
Anil Dash is this close to switching to Firebird
CSS Layouts aren’t for commercial sites
Ask Tog: I have met the enemy and he is us.
Rageboy: Girl can Rock
Tim Bray: Unflash
And speaking of differing opinions…
Don Park on the evils of XHTML
Sticking with Mozilla Firebird
Sticking with MySQL
Stomping Divits
Halley: Cleaning up the toys
Reviewlet: Solaris
Perched upon a lily pad: Self-referencing CSS design
Mozilla Firebird 0.6.1
Peter tops Leno and Letterman
Family Guy reference archives
Better rounded corners in CSS
This weblog’s history
Nothing to say? Then say nothing.
Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
Anil Dash: Many years of sucking
Imaginary filesystems in Apache
Do users prefer Rich Internet Applications?
Broken RSS feeds
The Nine Pillars of Successful Web Teams
Firebird 0.6.1 or whatever
Media Player Classic
Wikis on NPR
Tim Bray: The Door is Ajar
Multiuser server for Flash clients
Top Sites’ User Experience Teams and Their Challenge is moving
And speaking of the new templates…
Converting entries from blosxom to Movable type
Did he really go back to Movable Type?
Metallica Sue Canadian Band over E, F Chords
Usability Heuristics for Rich Internet Applications
Jessica’s blog
Managing Large Image Libraries with iPhoto 2
PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption
Interfaces are habit-forming
Zim vom Schafer see
The new web
Don’t be a sharecropper
Dead man walking
This is Zim and standards-compliance
Blosxom and mod_rewrite
The internet is shit
PHPetal 0.6
Slewpop Reboot
working with a designer
This is Zara
Will Microsoft’s browser engine backfire?
Useit: Information Foraging
Changes in PHP 5/Zend Engine 2.0
Tom Robbins at it again
W3C QA – List of valid DTDs
FeedDemon is exactly that
Why can’t I find Mozilla Firebird?
Tim Bray’s introduction to the Wiki
Connecting Flash and PHP
Slashdot -dot-worthless
Table-less drop shadows
A Technorati Link Cosmos blip?
Back to Blosxom and other changes
Small fonts and old men
T.M. Camp, another cell-phone carrying bastard.
Halley Suitt
The Most Important User Experience Method
Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet Ginger
Tabbrowser Firebird extension
Screw the Segway, I want a Sputnik
Bush fails the Segway test
Sistercat: All about the numbers
The way forward
Tell T.M. it’s not the fratboys he should worry about
From VI to Emacs
Web Development Bookmarklets
Repost: Reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird
Apocalypse odds at 50-50
Sistercat in the house
Usability For $200 (Alertbox June 2003)
Joel Spolsky endorses Mozilla Firebird
KDE on cygwin
Jon Udell OSCOM 2003
Mostly positive
Willy Wonka remake
Nielsen: Convincing Clients to Pay for Usability
Peter Frampton’s Bullet Time
testing only
My reading list
The Family Guy
Just doing it
PHPetal in maintenance mode
Gardening the ToDo list
Flash Remoting Tester
Life-altering algorithms
What is Royale?
The joys of Cygwin
Uvula Piercing
Um, you’re stupid
The web is dying
The sexiest sentence alive
The Poetry of Programming
The Philosophy of Punctuation
Content requirements here
Zen and the Art of Bugfixing
Zawodny on MySQL4.x
World of Ends
Word of the day: hypervigilance
Wikis are great, but ugly.
Why EMusic gets it
Why comments are disabled here
who stole jessica?
What is a controlled vocabulary?
What do I do with my life?
Weblogs and corporate site navigation
Visible Narratives
Vector Tobacco
Vatican thumbs up to Harry Potter
Using Mozilla for debugging web sites
Two more patches
Tori Amos Scarlet’s Walk
There’s a Revolution up in this Bitch!
The world as seen from above
The Psychology of Programming
The principle of least astonishment
The Principle of Good Enough
The miracle of mod_rewrite
The Corporate Weblog Manifesto
That’s a lotta bran
Testing the Three-Click Rule
Technorati watching
Teaching T.M.
Sweet Fancy Moses: An Excess of Product
Suits and Geeks
Suggestion for new PHPetal fields
Strategies for Categorizing Categories
Strange little girl – Tori Amos
SlashNOT – Satire for nerds
Robert suggests that playing Enigmo would help
Revisiting FreeBSD vs. Linux for MySQL
Resolving Conflicting Usability Guidelines
Recommended Viewing
Reasons to switch to the Mozilla Firebird browser
Procrastination is contagious
Posting to [bl|php|pybl]osxom weblogs
Please test PHPetal 0.5
PHPosxom, Wikis, and the Tao of *osxom
PHPetal project page
PHPetal now pings
PHPetal downloads
PHPetal 0.5 is available
PHPetal 0.4 is available
PHPetal 0.3 available
PHPetal 0.2 (alpha)
Paul Graham on Hackers and Painters
Opera releases Bork edition
Opera just got noisy
Oddpost out
No RSS Feed, No Read
New Scientist interview with Don Norman
New 2 Flash
Mousaka and more
Microsoft says to take aim at Google
Microsoft and the Commoditization of Software Progress Report: Beta 1
Linux “Switch” ad
Linux Usability (Jamie Zawinski)
LDAP failures
Jon Udell: Groove 2.5
Jeffrey Zeldman’s top 10 tips for designers CSS site redesign
It’s official, the web is now boring
Interview with Eric Meyer
If Macromedia can’t do it, who can?
Google Voice Search Demo
Google turns
Google Buys Pyra: Blogging Goes Big-Time
Getting Hacked Through Your Terminal
Fusionary has a Weblog
Fun Apple Switch ads with Will Ferrell
Full Frontal
For once I’m glad I didn’t upgrade
Feedster :: RSS Search Engine
Ends and Means: Identity in Two Worlds
E-Commerce News: Blogging Goes Corporate
Body Hair: A primer
Blosxom it is.
Where did the guitar solo go?
When you are missed
The Onion – North Korea Jealous of Iraq
The Mirror Project
The Mesh and the Net
The joy of learning
The intoxication of a new idea every day
The dullest blog in the world
The client is not the customer
The boys are back
That’s the spirit! (the Onion)
Teams and creativity
Suzanne Somers gets a star
Spring is here, right?
Socially Translucent Systems
Social Network Analysis
Slashdot – Buy a Segway… Please
Segway sales move slowly
Russian Ark
Relativity in words of 4 letters or less
Regarding the moral good
Rageboy Limericks
Pre-movie ads rip off theatergoers, suits claim
playing joust
On Not Watching Yojimbo
Now what should I do?
Not Scripting News
Not mentioning war
Not another blogging tool I want to try!
Naked people in empty rooms
Mr Rogers, champion of fair use
Modern Ruins
Mobile phone guns seized
Marketing: Flogging on a Blog
LA Times inteview with David Foster Wallace
Kalashnikov in MP3
Jordan vs. Jordan – but how?
Johnny Cash sings Hurt (NIN)
Jeremy Allaire Resigns as Macromedia CTO
I used to believe….
How to know the world has gone crazy
Ho-hum, the Universe is Beige
Happy Thanksgiving
Google as Big Brother
Goodbye Rags
From Clones to Libertarianism
Eric Norlin on Digital Identities
Early prototype, expect instability
Doc Searls: What companies blog
Doc predicts the death of agencies
Discounts drive customers away
Dan Gillmor – Terms of Disservice
Dan Gillmor switches to Movable Type
Customer-owned Networks
Cross-blog pollination
cooking for losers
Cloneable Mammoth Cells Discovered in Russia
CBS News: Do Not Call is Law
Bryan’s Ommission
Broccoli and the spectrum of art.
Bogofilter and A Plan for Spam
Billions wasted on high-end app servers
Battleground God
All-Reality TV Channel Planned for 2004
Alertbox : Low-End Media
A weekend away
A new site for Fusionary Media
A glass of whine
A better reason to read National Geographic
01 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.
The Interface Revolutionary Interview with
Online Economics 2001: David Wins,
U.S. News: Some gadgets aimed
Web Sites Begin to Self
2000:December:Column:Invisible Architecture Chris Locke, more
The Wal-Mart Future: The fundamental
Moving WebWord > Usability Can
Context Magazine — Smart Homes?
ScreamDesign – Designing for e-commerce Technology | High tech’s
User-Unfriendly Welcome to the 21st Technology | The year
Fun Toy Banned Because Of
New Remote Control Can Be The iBrator. [adults only It’s time to simplify
Google Toolbar Those Google folks
In Search for Online Success,
WAP Field Study Findings (Alertbox
Lighthouse – The race for
Moving WebWord > Rage Against
Moving WebWord > Trouble in
ZDNet: News: IBM rolls out {} Entertaining anti-Nielsen site.
Flash is taking a pretty – All ASPs aren’t – ASP: anyone still The Bite of the
CEATEC Photos Why does nearly
Lighthouse – Burdman on Web
Drop-Down Menus: Use Sparingly (Alertbox – Attention Macromedia: I How to Write for
Great quote from ecompany: Don’t
Flash: 99% Bad (Alertbox Oct. Collaboration, Peer-to-peer, Secure, Extensible,
The usability lifecycle Nielsen again,
Moving WebWord > Call Them
Moving WebWord > Trouble in
AskTog: Urbanpixel – Visible Navigation
AskTog: Why is Apple in – MASTERING TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT Better than a chain
The Mental Game of Debugging
Estimating software costs If you
Lighthouse – The doubts about
Avoiding the Abandoned Shopping Cart
I own an HP printer
navigation evolution A brief study
The Jakob Nielsen Drinking Game
On interpreting access statistics This
Personalization so rarely works that
Who Says Design Should Be
Mark Hurst of Creative Good
Using DVD Profiler, I’ve now > Flash Usability Challenge
Handspring VisorPhone: Overview I like
Phone keypad may go way
The Importance of Simplicity: Create
Numbed by Numbers Hey, figures has some reasonable comments
six reasons not to use
Apple licenses Amazon’s 1-Click Sort
MC Hawking’s Crib Ok, “mix”
Babylon Dictionary and Information at
New Devices Augur Decent Mobile – Explore Landscapes of
Doc Searls writes about AOL, Will P2P companies thrive
Amazon backs away from test
Since we’re all talking about
Weird, the guy who started
A (suprising) article on
The Great Flash Debate continues
The personal computer is going
CURRY.COM – Formats – What
Apparently, Amazon changes it’s prices
Amazon continues its fall from
Lou Rosenfeld interviews Mark Hurst
Now that I’ve met you,
AskTog: Denial in Web Design:
Nurse Betty Cool, Neil LaBute
Summoner Geeks T.M. brought this Searching for Revenue Yahoo
A Message to Web Designers:
One-to-(N)one?: The internet’s once-rosy promise
Internet Companies Learn How to
Lighthouse – Personalisation Another buzzword
I want one of these!
Holy Shit. Nielsen Norman Group
Some, ok most of the
Amazon fires up their new
Guardian Unlimited | Second sight
Anyone have any suggestions as
MemoWare – The PDA Document
Lighthouse: Site searching II “To
internetworld: Nielsen and Fleming on
Bruce Tognazzini: The Evolution of
Mayhem at the movies Here
Freenet – what for, exactly? – The fantasy world
What Microsoft
NewMedia: Q&A with Christopher Locke,
FEED: Christopher Locke interview with
Adobe sues Macromedia Adobe is
405: the movie Jeez, the
Lighthouse: Attack of the flying
Forget the hype, e-books still
The dot com graveyard Upside’s
The Toughest Virus of All:
AskTog: If They Don’t Test,
Ted Baker Online One of – Making Sure Usability
AskTog: A Quiz Designed to : Amazon, team
The Cornucopia of the Commons:
Putting Napster’s technology to other
Blogger Ok, now I don’t