Jack Baty – Director of Unspecified Services

A Remarkable Tablet

I was skeptical about this tablet’s ability to replace paper. I needn’t have been. It’s a terrific paper notebook replacement.


It only takes a few seconds to write something down in a notebook, and look what it gets you. It gets you an immutable, permanent record of something in a cool, personally unique format. It produces a physical artifact that will last for generations. For a few years, I recorded each movie I watched and each book I read in a large notebook…just one line for each entry. But, as often happens, I was sucked into doing it digitally instead because convenience or search or whatever.

Twtxt and twt.social

I’ve played on and off with twtxt a little and keep the feed out here: http://tilde.club/~jbaty/twtxt.txt. Here’s a snippet of my old twtxt.txt file… 1 2 3 4 5 2017-10-15T08:45:06-04:00 Hello, this is a test from twtxt 2017-10-15T08:54:53-04:00 Testing the post_tweet_hook to see that it copies the file to my server 2017-10-15T09:11:16-04:00 Moving my public twtxt.txt to tilde.club/~jbaty/twtxt.txt because it seems fitting there 2017-10-15T16:24:10-04:00 Fun with text tools today https://www.

Managing content with Forestry.io

I go though phases during which I’m not interested in the hassle of creating a new text file, saving it where it belongs, and adding frontmatter just to post something to my blog (which uses Hugo). So, I’m trying forestry.io as a Git-driven CMS. I’m typing this post in the Forestry control panel. I’m about to hit “Publish” and if you’re reading this, it worked.

Hey! Where'd all the posts go?

I finally did it. I broke this blog apart and archived 20 years of history. You see, I still wanted it to live here at baty.net but I didn’t want to keep lugging around 20 years of posts every time I built or deployed or moved things. So I started with a fresh copy of the theme, kept only the content from 2021, and moved all the archives to archive.baty.net. Yes, I understand that this means a bunch of broken links.

I wish podcasts would go away

You know what I hate? I hate when I’m reading a nice article or blog post or whatever and the author mentions something that I might be interested in and helpfully links to it. but when I click the link, I find myself staring at an embedded audio player that says “1:39:06” somewhere on it. Well shit, it’s a podcast. Never mind, I guess. I mean, I do want to learn about the thing, but to do that I don’t want to wade through two minutes of unnecessary intro music followed by ten minutes of two dudes humble-bragging and laughing at their own jokes, then a Squarespace ad, and then 30 minutes of stuff I’m not interested in.