kottke.org has some reasonable comments

kottke.org has some reasonable comments about the flash usability challenge.

Trouble is, the whole Flash Usability arguments aren’t really fair for the Flash folks. Flash developers are forced to use a tool that makes it difficult to create usable products to begin with. Besides, it’s too much fun to just “make cool stuff”. It’s also too easy to sell. The Gee Whiz Factor is still getting in the way.

I think I’d like to develop a basic html form in Flash which talk to a server somewhere running ColdFusion/ASP/PHP – whatever. Although doing the same thing using DHTML would probably be just as effective and a lot less time-consuming. Hmmm.

six reasons not to use

six reasons not to use an asp

Freshmeat editorial hilighting some of the downsides of using an application service provider.

Application Service Providers bring the mainframe dumb terminals model to the Web, and users get all the benefits of a centrally-maintained system. Unfortunately, the distance from your house to my.service.com is longer than that from your office to the admin down the hall, and it can be harder to hold your provider accountable. In today’s editorial, Paul Reiber points out the downsides of ASPs.

Babylon Dictionary and Information at

Babylon Dictionary and Information at your fingertips

With my limited vocabulary, I always wanted a way to quickly find the definition of those really fancy words I’d run across when reading online.

Sure, I could copy, type – http://www.dictionary.com – enter – paste – enter – read. A couple years ago that was cool enough, but of course we learn quickly to take things for granted

Along comes babylon which lets me highlight a word in any application, right click and BLAM!, instant definition with links to multiple related resources.