Amazon continues its fall from

Amazon continues its fall from grace – or at least continues to piss me off. Same thing.

A month ago they “lost” my account. After several emails, they said that I was back in business. Trouble was, they didn’t seem to have a record of anything I had ordered since February!. I asked them about this and they said that they would “merge” my accounts and all would be well. Sure enough, the next day I got an email stating that my accounts had been merged. Cool, except when I logged in, nothing had changed. I waited a two weeks and asked again. The response I received said that I only had one account, and have a nice day. So much for the 7 or 8 dvd preorders that I had expected to receive 40% discounts on. Damn!

I finally got around to creating an account at Barnes and Noble. We’ll see.

Lou Rosenfeld interviews Mark Hurst

Lou Rosenfeld interviews Mark Hurst

Lou Rosenfield (author of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web and general architecture guru) interviews Mark Hurst of Creative Good. They discuss (rather heatedly) the differences and similarities between Information Architecture/Usability Engineering and the Customer Experience. It’s a bit long, but mostly worth the effort.

Now that I’ve met you,

Now that I’ve met you, would object to never seeing each other again, says

the Aimee Mann song which is reported to have inspired Magnolia. P.T. Anderson’s latest, and best film. Three hours long, this thing seemed to have a pretty polarizing effect on folks. “Loved It!” or “Too long and stupid.” or “What’s with the frogs?” Put me in the first group. You should see it. Really. I hadn’t even heard of Aimee Mann before seeing the film, but I’ve been listening to her songs non-stop since. See it.