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Summoner Geeks T.M. brought this

Summoner Geeks T.M. brought this film to my attention. If you’ve ever been anywhere near folks who played Dungeons and Dragons, this will crack you up. “Roll the dice and see if I’m getting drunk.”

TheStandard.com: Searching for Revenue Yahoo

TheStandard.com: Searching for Revenue Yahoo and other “portal” sites are beginning to charge companies to be listed (within a reasonable amount of time, anyway). This is an important shift away from the get-lots-of-traffic-sell-ads model which can’t really work long term.

A Message to Web Designers:

A Message to Web Designers: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It “In the end…users want a site that is designed to help them find what they want, not what the marketing department wants to promote.”

Internet Companies Learn How to

Internet Companies Learn How to Personalize Service A bit more optimistic, this article from the NY Times says: “That said, the industry is gradually catching up to the hype surrounding personalization, as a growing number of companies have installed tools enabling them to present customized Web pages—if not to a single individual, then at least to groups that have been identified as having a similar profile. This trend is going to raise the ante for companies doing business online, both in terms of investors' and customers' expectations.

Lighthouse – Personalisation Another buzzword

Lighthouse – Personalisation Another buzzword begins to bite the dust. At least as far as its hype is concerned, personalization is beginning to tank, both with industry analysts as well as with those companies trying to implement it. Amazon has always been pretty good at it, and even then: “Personalisation technology understands consumers poorly. Amazon.com, the poster child of personalisation, will start recommending needlepoint books to you as soon as you order that ideal gift for your great aunt.

Holy Shit. Nielsen Norman Group

Holy Shit. Nielsen Norman Group hires Tog and Laurel (Straight Face 08-15-2000) That’s actually the title of the column by Mike Pell, but it’s also exactly what I said when I heard about it.

Some, ok most of the

Some, ok most of the folks on the CHI-WEB list are a lot smarter than me. Take this quote for example: Which is to say that you favour a rigid application of the strategy of fitting every site’s content into a hierarchically organised space. For contextually sensible deviations from this model to be labeled ‘serendipitous' speaks volumes about the dominance of this approach.

Amazon fires up their new

Amazon fires up their new navigation interface. Kudos to Amazon for getting rid of the old stacked-tab nightmare. The directory method of organizing lots of information, ala Yahoo, has always proven effective. The directory tab on Amazon’s site is a very welcome addition. Time for all of the Amazon copycats to get to work (let’s hope they hurry.)

Guardian Unlimited | Second sight

Guardian Unlimited | Second sight “Thanks to the profit-driven motives of big businesses, the internet is cheaper to use. So now it is our turn to exploit them, like they have exploited us”

Anyone have any suggestions as

Anyone have any suggestions as to readers for PalmOS devices? I’ve got iSilo, which I like for HTML docs. Also, iSiloWeb has replaced AvantGO for me. Much faster and smaller. I’m evaluating TomeRaider also, for larger reference works. Using the desktop version, I’ve got the entire Internet Movie Database at my fingertips.