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MemoWare – The PDA Document

MemoWare – The PDA Document Repository Wow, what a ton of good reading, available free for my Visor. I’ve got some Kant, some T.S. Elliot, some P. G. Wodehouse. Unlimited cool stuff at 160×160.

Lighthouse: Site searching II “To

Lighthouse: Site searching II “To recast a Jakob Nielsen utterance, the average Web user is not on the page she wants to be on. She’ll keep using search to try and get there. The least you can do is devote some effort to helping her.”

internetworld: Nielsen and Fleming on

internetworld: Nielsen and Fleming on Barnes and Nobles new site Nielsen: “BN.com has a small set of appropriate tabs with products that complement each other (unlike Amazon’s tabs for lawn mowers, kitchen sinks, and other products unrelated to books). The very first page view is the bookstore with a big search box in the middle of the screen. In contrast, when you type http://www.amazon.com you get an irrelevant page that requires an extra click to get to the books.

Bruce Tognazzini: The Evolution of

Bruce Tognazzini: The Evolution of the Interface One of the original Mac developers and all-around interface freak continues to question the direction Apple is taking with its OS.

Mayhem at the movies Here

Mayhem at the movies Here we go again! “What makes it possible is a platform called DivX;), which enables a 90-minute DVD movie to be compressed to about a tenth or less of its original size with little discernible loss of quality. The file can then be distributed with relative ease over the Internet, usually played back using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player (WMP). The smiley face ;) in the name satirises a failed DVD-esque technology, similarly called DivX, which claimed superior copy protection but was killed off as “open” DVD overtook in popularity.

Freenet – what for, exactly?

Freenet – what for, exactly? So, I was toying around with Freenet for a few hours last night, trying to “get it.” I think I get it, but I’m not sure I’m “with it.” Ian Clark continues to talk about his reason for creating Freenet as being the Freedom of Speech. So far, it’s so difficult to deal with that only software pirates, pedophiles, and geeks like me will benefit. I don’t think that freedom of speech is an issue if no-one can figure out how to listen.

Redherring.com – The fantasy world

Redherring.com – The fantasy world of Jeff Bezos “But to still believe in Amazon is to believe in all of Mr. Bezos’s dreams: the centralized distribution centers, the efficiencies of his Internet platform, and the mystery that out of growth, profits just emerge. To question even one piece is to question the whole model.”

What Microsoft

What MicrosoftÂ’s .NET DoesnÂ’t Get: Clay Shirky: “While Microsoft will certainly deliver pieces of the .NET suite over the next few years, the main purpose of the June announcement was FUD–the fear, uncertainty, and doubt about a competing technology that a good press release can plant in the minds of potential clients. And .NET isnÂ’t just any old FUD either, but FUD of an epic, era-defining sort. With .NET, Microsoft is suggesting that this Internet thing has been a nice try, but that it probably isnÂ’t going to pan out.

NewMedia: Q&A with Christopher Locke,

“When you used to put out a press release, it would get published in some reputable magazine or newspaper and written up as a news story. Nowadays people are just getting that stuff in email, sending it to 10,000 close friends, and saying, “Get a load of this crap.”

FEED: Christopher Locke interview with

FEED: Christopher Locke interview with Ian Clarke of Freenet fame. Clarke: “Although I think it is important to stress that Freenet was not designed with the issue of copyright in mind. It was not designed to be the next Napster. It was actually a journalist who first said to me, “Hey, well couldn’t you do the same thing as Napster, but better?” But in terms of the actual genesis of Freenet, I wasn’t thinking about MP3s, I wasn’t thinking about music, I was thinking about freedom of speech.

Adobe sues Macromedia Adobe is

Adobe sues Macromedia Adobe is suing Macromedia for using “tabbed palettes.” I wasn’t aware that Adobe had invented and patented one of the most over-used recent GUI additions to most software packages and web sites.

405: the movie Jeez, the

405: the movie Jeez, the things you can do with consumer-level video gear and 3 months of free time. (Link thanks to RageBoy