NOTE: PHPetal hasn’t been updated since 2004 and I’m pretty sure it’s broken or insecure or both. This page is mostly just for reference and historic purposes.

Web-based posting to blosxom and compatible weblogs.


PHPetal is a simple PHP script which enables easy web-based posting to weblogs managed by the always wonderful weblogging tool, Blosxom. It was written by me (Jack Baty) and is free for non-commercial use. (Under a Creative Commons License).

Blosxom and it’s work-alikes (such as  PHPBlosxompyblosxom and phposxom) are simple, efficient and elegant blogging tools. Managing content is simply a matter of editing normal text files in whatever application suits the author best. I love this concept, and it works. But there are a times when I needed (okay, “wanted”) the features described above, so I wrote PHPetal.


  • Create and edit weblog posts. Post to your Blosxom weblog and edit past entries using any web browser.
  • Integrated image file uploads. When uploading an image, the story will automatically contain a img tag for displaying the image.
  • Category selection. You can select the folder (category) in which the story file will be placed.
  • Filename guessing. The filename for the story will be guessed based on the title entered.
  • Used as browser bookmarklet. Can be called via bookmarklet, which pre-fills the title and filename and includes a link to the current page
  • Story back-dating. Sometimes it’s handy when posting a story to change its date to sometime earlier.
  • Pings Sends XML-RPC packet to after posting.
  • Static-renders blosxom blogs. Will call blosxom to static-render the site if desired.
  • Oh, and yes, it’s free.

Download phpetal-0.7 (Version 0.7 05/15/2004)

Credit and Thanks

Rael Dornfest for creating cool tool like blosxom.

Kevin White for the very nice logo, which is based on the blosxom logo by Matt Barger

The following people have contributed numerous patches and suggestions

which have helped tremendously…

Joshua O’Keefe, Tony Williams, Bryan McCloskey and Brendan Howell.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.