I don’t want to jinx it, since she’s only been with us for a few hours, but I think I love her.

Josie's first day at home (2017)


Cecil (2016). Nikon F3. 105mm f/2.5. Tri-X in Diafine.

I get to watch Cecil for the next couple of days. He’s such a cute dog.

I’m trying Diafine again, because I like the idea of shooting Tri-X at 1250 and not worrying about temperature, accurate timing, etc. This roll ended up with some spotty areas, so I’m not sure what happened yet. I’ll try again.

Leeloo 2005-2016

Leeloo. 2005-2016

Shortly after Christmas, 2005, my daughter surprised me by taking me to the local Humane Society and handing me an envelope with enough money for an adoption. She wanted me to pick out a new puppy. We already had 2 dogs at the time so I wasn’t exactly keen on getting a third, but I said I’d take a look.

I immediately fell in love with an adorable pit bull mix and we took her home. She was strong and beautiful so I decided to name her “Leeloo”, after Milla Jovovich’s strong, odd, and beautiful character in “The Fifth Element”.

Leeloo had funny ears and the sweetest disposition. I loved her.

A few weeks ago she stopped eating. After about a week we learned that her kidneys were failing, and quickly. We tried a number of treatments but her condition continued to worsen, and the decision was made to put her down.

I am heartbroken, but thankful that she was kind enough to spend her 10 years with me.

I’ve selected some of my favorite photos of Leeloo and created a collection on Flickr here:

Or if Flickr ever goes away, there’s a copy of them here:

I’ll miss my sweet Leeloo.

Dogs on Super8

I shot some Super8 (Tri-X) and finally got the processed reel back. The above is from a Retro-8 scan and quick edit. It was a bit underexposed so the corrections amplify the grain, but I still like how it looks.

I told myself I was only going to shoot a couple of reels just to say I did, but after watching it a few times I’m starting to think about trying more of it. The look of 8mm film can be faked, but cannot be replicated.

Snapshots with the Hasselblad

Katie (2016). Hasselblad 503CXi. HP5+

A Hasselblad 500-series camera is not suitable for snapshots, but I keep taking snapshots with them. This photo of Katie was taken using the 503CXi with the 150mm Sonnar. She’s 17 years old but never seems to stand still, so I had to follow her around and wait for a break in the action. This is the best I could do. Still, I love the way the lenses render. And I love the square format.

Katie at 17

My dog Katie turned 17 last week. The above video was shot today at my parents’ house. Katie can’t hear and only has one eye but she sure seems happy. I don’t expect her to live forever but she’s well on her way. Every day is a bonus.

Leeloo's Lump

During Leeloo’s knee surgery last week, I asked the doctor to remove a lump from her side, just in case. I had a biopsy done and it turns out it was a cancerous tumor; some sort of -noma. The doctor said he had removed an extra large area and that the results showed the procedure was curative. 

A little good news is nice.

Katie, the One-Eyed Wonder Dog

20140908_katie with baby

Katie turned 16 not that long ago. Recently her left eye came out of its socket and after 2 failed attempts to repair things she ended up having the eye removed (enucleation). It was pretty gruesome but she came through like a trooper and is now pretty much back to normal. She’s really hoping that annoying cone can come off after her checkup next week.

When the injury first happened I said that I would not be spending that much money on surgery for a 16-year old dog. That’s easy to say in theory. In real life it turns out I wasn’t about to put her down because her eye hurt. She’s tough and happy and I hope to have her around for just a while longer.


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Dog sleeping in doorway. Grand Haven, MI

Dog sleeping in doorway. Grand Haven, MI (Leica M3)

I should probably leave well enough alone, but I never do. Converted to WordPress last night. I know, right? I was tired of the work involved when publishing with Octopress. A static site is a great thing but not worth the hassle. For now.

A few dog photos

I take pictures of my dogs. Can’t help it. Here are a few recent shots, for your viewing pleasure.