Snaps From My Dad's Birthday

I shot a roll of Tri-X with the F3 at my dad’s house while celebrating his 76th birthday.

Dad. Nikon F3.

Crystal and Tillie. Nikon F3.

Dad and Jess. Nikon F3.

Mom. Nikon F3.

Ron and the "hot rod"

Ron in "hot rod" 1958

Ron in "hot rod" 1958

I was scanning my grandfather’s photos and found this one of my dad from 1958. His 74th birthday is coming up and he still has that same smile. Probably wishes he still had the car, too.

Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club's "One Day" contests

My grandfather, Richard Baty, was part of the Grand Rapids Amateur Movie Club for many years. He used to tell stories of the club’s “One Day” competitions, during which they would split into teams and each team had one day to plan, shoot, and edit a short film. This would be easy today using an iPhone and iMovie, but in the 1950s it was way more work.

Here’s a home video of my grandpa creating titles for one of his films:

See what I mean?

I recently found some photos taken during the filming of one of these One Day competitions: “Dune Dreams” shot during the summer of 1953. Looks like they were having fun.

Album02 Scan035

Richard Baty directs "Dune Dreams" (1953, photographer unknown)


Album02 Scan036

The cast of "Dune Dreams" (Richard Baty, 1953)


Album02 Scan039

George Bates as the Life Guard in "Dune Dreams" (Richard Baty, 1953)


Album02 Scan040

George Bates as the Old Man in "Dune Dreams" (Richard Baty, 1953)


Album02 Scan042

"…aaaand ACTION!" Richard Baty directs "Dune Dreams" (1953, photographer unknown)

I still have all of the original GRAMC films. One day I plan to digitize them.


Crystal's Birthday with the Dogs

My house was being taken over by a bridal shower, so my sister Crystal was nice enough to invite me and the dogs over to celebrate her birthday. 

Crystal has 5 pugs so that makes for a total of 8 dogs between us.  It was a busy afternoon. I did have time to put a couple rolls through the trusty Leica M3. (Above all using M3 and 9cm Collapsible Elmar with Tri-X and processed in XTOL.)

Facetime With Jessica

It's people that make technology great

Other than a quick test when I got my iPhone, I'd never used Facetime. But now that my daughter Jessica has an iPhone, I use it all the time.

Jess recently vacationed in Florida and used Facetime to take me on virtual tours of wherever she was. Then she would ask me to "put the dogs on." The dogs, hearing her voice, would perk up and tilt their heads quizzically at the phone and Jess would laugh.

Any doubts I had about the usefulness of Facetime have been dispelled.

It's people that make technology so great.