Paying for Medium

Medium Profile

Medium makes me nervous. I’ve never known exactly what it is or what it wishes to be. I’ve never liked the sense of importance imbued on things written there. I don’t know if they’ll just disappear one day, taking years of writing with them.

And yet, Medium can be a wonderful place. I want them to succeed. I want people to publish great content while avoiding the click-bait tendencies of many publications. I want to enjoy reading what I find there.

So, I’ve paid to become a “Founding Member” of Medium. I’m spending $5.00 a month in support of Medium’s vague yet compelling mission. I get that much value out of Medium already, so I’m out nothing, really. I’m not paying as a writer, I’m paying as a reader. I hope they do great things.

So far, I love the new Morning, Noon, and Evening “Editions”. I check in a few times a day, read the latest, mildly-curated posts, and move on. The idea of being finished with something online is wonderful. It’s why I still read a paper newspaper, offline.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. Good luck to Medium! Here’s me on Medium

Cross-posting to Medium

This post is mostly to test whether or not my new IFTTT recipe is working.

I like Medium, but I don’t want to live there. The best compromise might be to cross-post things from I hesitate to automate the process because I post a lot of useless stuff, much of which is useless to everyone but me. On the other hand, there are people I’m interested in and I wish they’d post more nonsense.

Cross-posting everything automatically is a good way to make sure that the nonsense is distributed as widely as possible.

How to Win at Medium (and ruin it at the same time)

Elizabeth Tobey:

Titles (and images) on Medium stories are your first and best chance to entice readers to click through and read your whole piece — so choose wisely.

Too many people heeding advice like this is causing Medium to become significantly less useful as a place to discover interesting writing. My feed, which I try to actively curate, contains mostly things like: “Top 10 Ways to Write a Super-Terrific Listicle!” No thanks.