MacBook Pro 2016 Keyboard

This should give you an idea how much I dislike the keyboard on the latest MacBook Pro. I have to get used to it, but I don’t have to like it.

And let me say again how much I love the Apple Extended Keyboard II. Still the greatest keyboard ever made.

Bruce Schneier: 'The Internet Era of Fun and Games Is Over'

Bruce Schneier:

“I don’t like this,” he concluded. “I like the world where the internet can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants, at all times. It’s fun. This is a fun device. But I’m not sure we can do that anymore.”

I like it too. It’ll be missed.

Charging Apple Things

I defended Apple when they released a mouse that needed to be charged by plugging the cable into the bottom. I said, “It only takes a few moments to charge, so just plug it in and grab a coffee or whatever.” I was wrong, I hate charging the mouse. I blow right by warnings that the batteries are “very low” and always end up with a completely dead mouse at the worst times. Then, instead of plugging it into a sensible location allowing me to continue working, I have to flip it on its side first, and walk away for 10 minutes or so. It drives me nuts.


And every time I have to this with the Apple Pencil I just feel stupid.


These aren’t improvements.



The first time I used Firefox it was still called “Phoenix”.


I haven’t used anything other than Safari in years, if you don’t count repeated failed attempts at using Chrome. I thought I’d see what’s new with Firefox. I’ve been running it for a couple of days and find it a pretty good experience so far.

I’m not ready to make Firefox my default browser, but I’ve not given up yet either.

Amazon S3 static site head start

Amazon’s S3 service has always baffled me. I’ve set up a few static sites using the service but never felt comfortable with it. While poking around today I found this…

Quick Start

Apparently, it sets everything up in a new bucket automatically. I may try creating a site and see how it goes.

Self-hosted Gitlab

As I get older I’m less inclined to want to manage my own servers, but I’ve been enamored with Gitlab lately, so I decided to try installing my own copy of Gitlab CE.

It turned out to be easy enough. I used a pre-configured Digital Ocean droplet. I then installed an SSL cert from Let’s Encrypt, imported a few of my repos and I was off and running.

I have not yet tried adding any Runners or other CI tools but so far it’s pretty painless. Hard to beat having control over the environment and the privacy/security that brings. All for the price of a $20/month server instance.

Caption your photographs

Dick Gordon Dorothy Ronald Nov. 16, 1941 the Sunday Ronald was Baptized.

This photo was taken 75 years ago today. My dad was baptized that day. I know this because my grandfather took the time to write a caption on every photograph he made.

I also caption every photo. You should too. Generations of people will appreciate that you spent the extra few minutes to preserve history for them.


The first 30 seconds or so of “Sabotage” by Beastie Boys is fantastic. The whole song is great, but man that intro.

Listen on Spotify


Vise (2016). 4x5 Speed Graphic. HP5+ in R5 Monobath

There’s something wrong with my process or my equipment. I took this photo of a bench vise today using the Speed Graphic. It was lit using the Foldio, shot on HP5+ and processed in R5 Monobath from New55

I metered carefully, but it still ended up underexposed. What’s worse, is that the right one-third of the image is darker than the rest, and slightly discolored. I corrected for the coloration problem, but something is still wrong. I don’t trust the R5 developer. I’ll try again using D76 and see where I get.

Three Notebooks

I have taken to carrying three notebooks. Here’s how (or better, when) I use them.

Before it happens

I use a Hobonichi Techo Planner for scheduling and planning. It’s loaded with calendars and dated pages.

Hobonichi Techo

The Hobonichi is a wonderful, easy-to-carry planner that uses Tomoe River paper; my favorite. I record all event-based information in one. On each day’s page I write a list of things relevant to that day. I sometimes include a small sketch representing the day.

While it’s happening

I use a Field Notes notebook to jot things down while I’m away from a desk.

Field Notes

The Field Notes notebook fits in my pocket, so I always have it with me. With it, I can quickly capture things any time.

After it happens

I use a Leuchtturm1917 notebook to record notes and keep lists. It’s a modified Bullet Journal.


The Leuchtturm is great for longer-form notes and lists. It’s my bullet journal and where I collect things captured in the Field Notes notebook once I’m back at my desk.

My notebook configuration changes regularly, but I like where things are now.

Replacing Dropbox With iCloud Drive – Collin Donnell

Collin Donnell

The strange feeling I have is that I’m not moving because iCloud Drive has gotten better than Dropbox, or even that it’s gotten as good. I’m moving because maybe it’s become sufficient for my needs. I’m purposefully not using what’s clearly the best thing on the market, because I think I’m willing to live without some of it’s features. Hopefully it’ll be good enough.

That last bit gets me.

Hopefully it’ll be good enough

I’m not willing the make that leap yet.

Tantek switches to DuckDuckGo

Tantek Çelik:

I remember when I switched to Google for web search over a decade ago because Google was faster and good enough compared to Yahoo! Search. Now DuckDuckGo is faster and good enough compared to Google Search.

I’ve been using DuckDuckGo as my default search engine for so long that I tend to forget about Google. I don’t miss Google at all.

The Slack letter to Microsoft is built on meaningless platitudes

without bullshit:

Slack wrote an open letter to Microsoft, ostensibly welcoming it to the market for workplace collaboration systems. It’s a weird hunk of prose, direct and honest on the surface, but fundamentally insincere. The choice to publish this letter — and to fill it with platitudes — makes me question the judgment of the company.

I must say that as much as I love Slack, I found their Letter to Microsoft a little off-putting.

Org Mode 9.0

I love that Org Mode version 9.0 has been released, but I’m less happy about it breaking stuff. Working on fixing it now.

McDonalds Meal

McDonald's Meal

I ate this for lunch today. There’s not even any food in there. Disgusting.

PhotoMemo Photographer's Memo Book

PhotoMemo book

I’ve gotten lazy when it comes to recording information about film rolls. This, combined with my infatuation with notebooks, led me to PhotoMemo Photographer’s Memo Book at Shoot Film Co. After reading this review at 35mmc I’ve ordered a couple of the notebooks to try. Maybe I’ll get better at logging things or maybe I’ll just end up with a few more unused notebooks. Either way, I’m happy to support the effort.

Eve: Programming designed for humans



Eve is a programming language and IDE based on years of research into building a human-first programming platform. From code embedded in documents to a language without order, it presents an alternative take on what programming could be - one that focuses on us instead of the machine

A new programming language designed around the concept of “Literate Programming”. Looks fascinating!

Dropbox (Personal)

A few weeks ago Dropbox notified me that I could have a “Team” Dropbox account in addition to my normal account. This seemed worth checking into, so I went ahead and linked my “Personal” and Team (“Fusionary”) accounts.

What I ended up with was a mess. The original ~/Dropbox folder was replaced by “~/Dropbox (Personal)” and a symlink was created at the original location. There was a new folder, “~/Dropbox (Fusionary)” which was linked to the Team account.

After trying and failing to work the team folder into my process, I wanted to get rid of the team account and folder. No problem, I unlinked the account and deleted the folder. With only a single Dropbox account remaining, I decided I wanted to remove the symlink and rename “~/Dropbox (Personal)” back to just “~/Dropbox”.

This left me with a bunch of broken paths in other apps. I shouldn’t have done any of this. If I were smart, which I’m not, I’d just leave the old symlink in place and live with having everything really in the stupidly-named “~/Dropbox (Peronal)” folder but I refuse to do that. Guess I’ll just fix the broken links as I find them.

Lesson: Don’t change things, and if you do, don’t change them back later.

See You After the Election, Twitter

I’ve been doing my best to stay calm during the past few months of this insane election season. My Twitter feed is mostly filled with sensible people like me who believe Trump is nothing short of a threat to our existence. This is nice, but even the folks who agree with me are becoming harsh and angry and shallow.

It’s exhausting.

I’m going to bail on Twitter and other social media outlets until this is over. See you on the other side.